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Experiences on and around the estate


Aggersvold Forest must be experienced while you are here. Whether you choose to walk around or bike around (on your own bikes) is up to you. But the forest must be experienced! Here is plenty of deer and bird life. We have suggestions for routes through the forest, both by bike and on foot. But before you venture into the idyll of the forest, feel free to ask for a physical map of the forest before you go. There may be a bad phone signal and we would rather not have you get lost.


Enjoy our selection of garden games. Beat each other in king games, board games, crocket or petangue. There are several games to choose from so go ahead. There are games for all ages. The games are freely available and can be borrowed at the reception.


You are welcome to pick some herbs og fruit for your barbecue in the estate's herb garden. Or to just go for a walk in the garden.


Visit the city's rectory, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and one of their popular cakes. They also serve open sandwiches if you are more than just deliciously hungry. Also take a look in the farm shop where you can buy herbs and flowers and shop interior for the home. Distance by car: 5 min.

Experiences in driving distance


If you are the type who enjoys a walking or cycling trip, then you must experience the trip around Skarresø. Here you can experience a rich bird life with over 144 different bird species, including i.a. the red kite that can be observed from the lake's birdwatching post. Fishing is also allowed in certain areas around the lake if you have a fishing license. The route around the lake is 11 km long. Distance by car: 10 min.


Visit the Gardens of Birkegården outside Ruds Vedby and enjoy a day with farm animals, playgrounds and other fun family activities such as mini golf, donkey riding, etc. Distance by car: 20 min.


Dyrehøj Vineyard is Denmark's largest of its kind. They grow grapes on calcareous slopes in the sunny Røsnæs near Kalundborg. You can visit their wine shop and cheese shop, and they also arrange tours of the vineyards. If you visit, we recommend you to bring some wine and cheese back to Aggersvold so you can enjoy the newly purchased delicacies on the terrace or your room. Distance by car: 30 min.


Museum Vestsjælland is a collection of museums that cover the Western Zealand area with exhibitions of everything from the Middle Ages to the streets of Kalundborg back when H.C. Andersen went to Latin School there. At the Odsherred Museum you can also see the exhibition about the Sun Wagon, which is a relic from the Bronze Age. Distance by car: between 20-50 min.


At Ulvsborg you can experience Denmark in the turning point between the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. Here you can help build, forge and spin, as you did in the old days. You help to look after the farm, and you can try sword fighting and archery. Distance by car: 20 min.


You can reach the coast in only 15 min. For example, you can visit Vraget Beach where you can swim, build sand castles and go for walks in the dunes. If you drive to the beach on the west coast, e.g. Gisseløre Beach, you get the most beautiful sunset only 30 min. from Aggersvold. Distance by car: from 15 min.



At Strids Mølle, an eatery has been created according to the old traditions, where you can lean back and read the daily newspaper or have fun with the family. Here, simple and delicious food is served in the form of small light dishes as well as cake and freshly brewed coffee. Among other things, they have specialized in products made from deer. They are usually open Thursday-Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We recommend checking the opening hours in advance. Distance by car: 15 min.


It is the people behind the legendary Café Bankeråt in Copenhagen that run Café Forsinket (café 'Delayed') which is seen in both the atmosphere and the selection of food. The café is open all day and serves a knowledgeable combination of brasserie, burgers, steak, salads, fish and not least open sandwiches with a twist. Café Forsinket is located in the middle of the city at Jyderup train station and is a very popular place to meet. The kitchen is open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. - we recommend checking the opening hours in advance. Distance by car: 5 min.


The cozy local rectory, Jyderup Præstegård, offers home cooking, open sandwiches and homemade cakes. Here you must come if you are looking for a down-to-earth, homely farm atmosphere - and popular cakes. NOTE! We recommend checking the opening hours on their website, as these vary throughout the year. Distance by car: 5 min.


We have a large Weber gas grill by the terrace in Rytterstuen, which is free to use. So take a peek at the local supermarket, local butcher or farm shop to find delicious ingredients for the grill. You are also welcome to go hunting in the vegetable and fruit garden for herbs that you can add to your dinner. When darkness falls, you can sit by the fire and grill marshmallows - the perfect end to an idyllic day at Aggersvold.


Maurizio's is an Italien eatery placed only few minutes from Aggersvold Gods. At Maurizio's, you can enjoy traditional Sicilian dishes, order catering and visit their cozy specialty boutique, where they have carefully chosen their products such as wine, oil, pasta, cheeses as well as other Sicilian products that are known for their unique taste. Distance by car: 5 min.


At Bromølle Kro you will find a cozy restaurant near a small river. They serve homemade, traditionel food mixed with new courses from the Danish kitchen - with focus on fresh, good ingredients. Book your table early! Distance by car: 10 min.


Skoemagerkroen is Denmark's oldest royally privileged post and diligence inn and has since 1521 been a central eatery for travelers and local farmers. When you visit Skoemagerkroen you get a complete experience with good hosts, gastronomic tastes and scenic surroundings. Remember to book a table well in advance! Distance by car: 25 min.


At Dragsholm Castle, the Michelin restaurant is located in the more than 800-year-old kitchen. The food is based on seasons and harvests from the local area. The restaurant is located in the cellar under whitewashed vaults, and the wine is specially selected. Remember to book a table well in advance! Distance by car: 15 min.


At Kragerup Manor you can visit Restaurant Blixen, where they serve food in a class of its own. They create Danish food with French traditions. The restaurant is named after Karen Blixen, who is part of the Kragerup family through her grandfather. Remember to book a table well in advance! Distance by car: 20 min.