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Welcome to Aggersvold Gods!

Aggersvold is large and composed of several buildings. You will find accommodation in the Stables, the Riding Hall and the Arch House. When you check in at the reception, you will be told where your room is. Events, meetings, etc. are held in our facilities, which are found around the estate. The beautiful Stakladen and Kornmagasinet (The Barn and The Store), Rytterstuen, the Orangery and the Machine House, as well as group rooms and other smaller rooms. If you want to go for a walk in the area, you are welcome to do so. We have a lovely park where the deer graze and the ducks swim in the lake. In our herb garden, we grow various herbs, fruit and vegetables. Here you are also welcome to pick fresh apples or pears from our fruit trees if you visit us at that time of year. And then of course there is also the forest, which we recommend you go for a walk in while you are here. Please respect the animals and stay on the paths so that we do not spoil the beautiful nature that we are lucky enough to be surrounded by. The main house is private and closed to guests. We therefore ask you to respect signage in private areas.